Grape of the Art Rounagle 1986 Armagnac

Growth area
Armagnac Ténarèze

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Vintage year
Vintage 1986 - Aged 36 Years
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  • 700ml - Shipped from France

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Color: A rich, amber hue that hints at the complexity within.

Nose: Roasted walnuts and hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and the subtle fragrance of precious woods. A touch of tar adds a wild, adventurous element to the lush bouquet.

Palate: A heavy body and a remarkable sweetness, the palate is a journey through roasted aromas and luxurious nut chocolate. 

Finish: The experience culminates in a long, bittersweet finish that leaves a lasting impression.


Grape of the Art Rounagle 1986 Armagnac

Grape of the Art Rounagle 1986 Ténarèze Cask #78, 36 years old, dry and humid cellar, 51.3% abv cask strength Ugni blanc Distilled by Patrick Michalouski

Grape of the Art

Domaine Rounagle is an Armagnac producer nestled in the hillsides of Larroque sur L’Osse, in the northwestern part of the Armagnac region, near the town of Condom. The estate boasts a 23 hectare vineyard, with 20 hectares actively producing grapes on its clay-limestone terroir, known throughout the region for yielding highly aromatic white wines suited for distillation. Historically, the vineyard's output was sold in bulk to enhance the blends of larger negociants, a practice that continued until its discovery and subsequent acquisition by an experienced industry figure. This individual, with a rich background and experience with Armagnac houses and mentored by revered names in the trade, was drawn to Rounagle's potential to produce something truly special. Rounagle's Armagnac, a product of the Tenarèze region, is crafted using traditional methods with Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes, and distilled continuously in-house during the winter using travelling distillers. Before its acquisition in October 2015, the estate was owned by two brothers who meticulously preserved vintages from the early '60s, which were then procured to showcase the estate's quality. These Armagnacs are celebrated for their fruity and expressive nature, embodying the new owner's preference for rich, palate-fulfilling eaux-de-vie with a lasting finish. Rounagle's offerings were once a local secret, sold only to neighbors and connoisseurs and distributed in a handful of local shops, but now they stand poised to represent the very best of Armagnac production.


This Armagnac was distilled in 1986 by the skilled Patrick Michalouski and aged for 36 years in both dry and humid cellars. This vintage, from cask #78, presents itself at a robust 51.3% abv cask strength, and boasts a natural color, with no additives whatsoever, and non-chill-filtered to preserve all of its aromatic, flavor, and sensorial qualities. Coming exclusively from the Ugni Blanc grape, it offers an intensely nutty nose with layers of roasted walnuts, hazelnuts, rich dark chocolate, and a complex mix of fine spices, all intertwined with a fragrant precious woods aroma and an intriguing tar note. On the palate, it unfolds with a big, almost heavy body, revealing an impressive natural sweetness and a deeply roasty, toasty flavor profile, marrying nuts and chocolate with a bittersweet finish.

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