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Armagnac Puysegur VSOP

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Exquisite Tasting With Puységur’s Armagnac VSOP

The eaux-de-vie in this powerful blend have been aged in oak barrels for at least four years, making for a superb tasting experience full of surprising sensations. Puységur Armagnac VSOP comes from the lower Armagnac region of France, distilled in the top-tier terroirs of the Gers department. This particular eau-de-vie is just one in a series of offerings from the award-winning Puységur Armagnac house.

Puységur is named after Jacques de Chastenet de Puységur, a 17th century Marquis and advisor to King Louis XIII who was born by the ancient towers that guarded the area for centuries. His son was Maréchal de Puységur, Knight of the Orders of the King and of Saint-Louis. It is from this ancestral enrichment that the Puységur vineyards produce their high quality eaux-de-vie, such as Puységur Armagnac VSOP.

Aromas of stewed fruits interlaced with soft spices pave the way for bright, enveloping tastes on the palate. Notes of wood and vanilla emerge along with hints of fresh nuts, an overall powerful melange. It is recommended that Puységur Armagnac VSOP be served in cocktails with citrus sodas, accomplishing a tasting experience that is at once fresh, deep and spicy.

Puységur Armagnac VSOP is presented in an Ariane bottle, a luxurious vessel that boasts a slender neck, clean lines and a rounded elegance. Its golden color is hugged by silver detailing. This eau-de-vie with a proud history is a reputable brandy that promises to delight with versatile consumption and timeless tastes.

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