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A Rich Reminder of 1984 from Clés des Ducs

Clés des Ducs, an award-winning house whose terroir spans the historical Panjas, Maupas and Estang areas, presents a ravishing reminder of the 1980s with this classy vintage eau-de-vie: Armagnac 1984 Clés des Ducs. Captured in time for over thirty years, it offers the invaluable experience of tasting the atmosphere and character of its specific year of distillation, such is the power of a vintage eau-de-vie.

Clés des Ducs, the trading house behind this brandy, is situated in the heart of the Gers region and committed to upholding the region’s noble traditions of Armagnac production that dates back to the 15th century. The terroirs over which they extend are known for their tawny sands, and the grape variety used most prominently by the trading house is the Ugni Blanc. This makes for distinctive brandies that all offer strength of flavor and lovely long finishes.

Consuming Armagnac 1984 Clés des Ducs is a mellow experience with a lingering richness. A light woodiness joins to render this retro brandy full and memorable on the palate.

This vintage eau-de-vie comes in a graceful Exception bottle, light flecks of copper and straw yellow glistening alongside its rich amber base. With a tall, tapered body and sleek neck, the packaging is the perfect mix of old and new for this Armagnac’s throwback charm.

Armagnac 1984 Clés des Ducs is just one in a series of Clés des Ducs’ award-winning vintage Armagnacs. The house won gold in 2016 for their 1998 vintage, as well as for a string of their Armagnac blends.

A fine example of Clés des Ducs’ foundational principles of specificity and rigor, Armagnac 1984 Clés des Ducs will not disappoint even the most careful of connaisseurs.

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