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A new generation of Cognac lovers is born. They don’t wear tweed, nor do they smoke cigars. We're sister and brother, Sophie and Max, and we are part of this generation, hoping to rejuvenate the world of Cognac. To us, Cognac resembles a unique mix of different values: While its tradition and cultural heritage is closely tied to the French Charente-region, we find that Cognac still speaks to young internationals that demand complexity, sophistication, and variety in what they experience and create.

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Brother & sister Sophie and Max

Over half a century ago, our grandparents acquired an agricultural property in the Cognac region. Our family roots now extend back three generations. We both feel very attached to this part of the world and to the Cognac production here, which is present in all areas of life.

Our farm in the Cognac region (photography from 1990's)  

Harvest image from the 1950's

Alongside walnut and apple plantations, our family farmed wine and distilled Cognac. Since we can remember, friends and neighbors have made Cognac and shared their secrets with us, traditions that had been passed down to them over generations. Cognac Expert honors these traditions by tying together our love for the region, ambition to innovate, and fascination with sharing knowledge globally via the internet.

Harvest helpers in the courtyard of our farm (photography from 1960's)

Here's an anecdote about how it all started

One day we were driving through the vineyards close to Blanzac in the "Fins Bois" Cognac region, when we discovered a small producer we'd never heard of before. That same evening, we were invited for dinner with friends, followed of course by Cognac after all the beautiful food. This Cognac was a VSOP storied to have been made by a small producer who wanted to show Hennessy's master blender that he could make a better blend than theirs. It was indeed excellent, but not for sale! This reiterated what we already knew: there are way too many amazing Cognac brands that never make it beyond the French borders. It’s literally impossible to access the incredible range of Cognacs produced if you’re not in the region driving around from one Cognac house to the next. So we decided to build an online platform that would feature these Cognac brands along with every other Cognac brand we could find online. We also started the blog at this time, reporting on news and product launches, and publishing Cognac reviews.

Today, Cognac Expert is the leading platform for all things Cognac, featuring regular blog posts, news, tastings, and an extensive online shop. It's also the world's largest Cognac community, offering to professionals, aficionados, and newcomers alike the opportunity to exchange their opinions about the Queen of brandies.

We have great admiration and respect for the bigger houses such as Hennessy, Martell, Remy Martin, Courvoisier, Camus and Hine, but we also really love the diversity among the smaller, authentic family-run brands. We want to share their histories and particularities. And most importantly, we want them to continue producing their Cognacs and make the culinary world a better place.

We really appreciate your comments, questions, and suggestions. So please continue contributing to the Cognac Expert community.

Drink responsibly, and always in style.