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We protect and support the diversity of small houses in the Cognac region.

Cognac Expert offers you a holistic approach to the world of Cognac; not only can you shop from over 200 different Cognac brands and browse more than 3000 products online, but you can also dip your toes into the fascinating Cognac universe, read our blog, interact with our community, and discover more about French heritage and the culture of eaux-de-vie. All this of course, with exceptional service as we lovingly pack bottles by hand and ship directly from our cellar in the Cognac region of France.

Cognac Expert Originals

They actively promote small, family-run Cognac producers, hoping to share little known talent in the region with Cognac lovers and connoisseurs worldwide. Cognac Expert Originals is a series of Limited Edition Cognacs designed to bring artisan Cognac houses to the attention of a global audience.

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Cognac Expert Blog

Dive into the captivating world of Cognac with our specialized blog, your one-stop-blog for all things Cognac since 2009. We cover everything from industry developments, new product unveilings, to our exclusive "Sophie & Max Sélection." Enhance your understanding with educational content and get a peek into our family tastings. Keep yourself updated and showcase your expertise in French brandy. Our Cognac Blog is here to be your new knowledge companion.

Buy Cognac Online: over 1600 products in stock

Explore the rich world of Cognac on our online Cognac shop, a space born out of deep admiration for this delightful spirit and the passionate people that make it. From the widely recognized names of Courvoisier, Camus, and Hine, to the smaller family-run Cognac producers in the Fins Bois region, our store provides a comprehensive platform for Cognac lovers worldwide.

Ever wondered where to buy Cognac that suits your palate? Look no further. Our Cognac online shop not only curates a diverse selection of the finest Cognacs but also enlightens you with the intriguing stories behind them. Whether it’s a surprising discovery from an unexplored vineyard or a charming anecdote about a unique XO blend, we bring you closer to the heart of Cognac-making traditions.

Our passion for Cognac transcends the boundaries of our blog, reaching out to those who seek to buy Cognac with an authentic taste of the region. We invite you to order Cognac online from our extensive catalog, featuring brands and bottles ranging from André Petit and Bache-Gabrielsen to Rémy Martin and Martell.

As you explore the diverse types of Cognac in our store, from rare Vintage to exquisite XO Cognacs, you’ll also become a part of an active global community of Cognac enthusiasts and professionals, sharing their passion for this fine spirit. Buying Cognac online from our store is more than just a purchase; it’s an entry into a global conversation about the beautiful diversity of Cognac brands and producers.

Join us in celebrating the world of Cognac, and experience the convenience and range of our online shop. Here at Cognac Expert, we make it easy and enjoyable to buy Cognac, transforming your buying experience into a journey through the heart of the Cognac region.

Cognac Expert: A short history

Coming from an agricultural background, our grandfather having farmed and owned a vineyard, we've always been dedicated to the Cognac region, the people and naturally, to the drink we all know as Cognac. We have great admiration not only for the bigger houses such as Courvoisier, Camus and Hine, but also the smaller, family Cognac producers.

One day we were driving through the vineyards close to Blanzac, in the Fins Bois region, when we discovered a small producer we'd never seen or heard of before: This led us to think that there are so many brands out there that people don't know about. Neighbours, producers and friends have since introduced us to the wide field of different brandies and the whole Cognac experience. For example, one evening at a dinner in the neighbourhood our host presented a seemingly simple VSOP. And it also came with an anecdote about a winegrower who wanted to convince the cellar master of Hennessy that he could produce a great blend, so he created that particular VSOP Cognac solely with that in mind. It was a fantastic blend... but one couldn't buy it. It was situations such as this that led us to the idea to start a blog about the most famous of all brandies, Cognac. In the beginning we just started with a small Cognac blog, with a short piece reporting about the latest VS Cognac our father had brought home.

Today it's a much more than a blog; it's a platform with a list of all Cognac brands and producers, bottles and products, as well as a place that users on a global scale can exchange and talk about their experiences like a dedicated Cognac review platform.

These days we regularly visit estates from Conte et Filles and Raison Personelle to Camus and Godet; and we can exchange with enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It's fantastic.

We created this website to share the unbelievable diversity of brandy brands and producers with an international readership, and we must say - it works!

Learn more about us and our team.

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