Camus XO Borderies Cognac

by Camus Cognac

Camus' XO Borderies comes in a 70 cl bottle and is a special one: The grapes used for the produktion of the eaux-de-vie only come from the Borderies growing area, so it is considerer as a Single Cru, the used vineyards belong to Jean-Paul Camus. You can buy this Camus bottle online at a price of $182.

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
XO Borderies 700 ml 40%
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Tasting notes

The XO Borderies cognac from the house of Camus presents a floral nose, with some noticable sweet notes, such as vanilla and almond. The palate is fruity, mellow wood aromas, the finish is sligthly sharp.

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Reply : On Camus XO Borderies Cognac by Jack
I just love Camus' idea of doing a Borderies XO Cognac. The taste is very fine, typical 'rough' for a Borderies blend. It's a great comparable to Martell Cordon Bleu, one should take the time to review those two cognacs at the same time. After all, this XO is less expensive as the Martells, Hennessy and Remy Martin XO cognacs.
Reply : On Camus XO Borderies Cognac by Dennis
I'm selling CAMUS Cognac here in the Philippines,,
yeah i really like the BORDERIES XO....CORDON BLEU is nice also but BORDERIES conquered it.

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