Rémy Martin Vintage 1988 Premier Cru Cognac

by Rémy Martin Cognac

This Rémy Martin is a Vintage bottle from 1988 and it comes from the Grande Champagne cru area. Its at 45% ABV and is presented in a 70cl bottle. As this is a vintage cognac, the distilled eaux-de-vie come from the year of 1988, a year that was dominated by strong rainfall which had an effect of the development of the vineyards. This was leading to a limited harvest but a very interesting potential for the distillation process. You can buy this Rémy Martin bottle online at a price of $512.

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
Vintage, 1988 Grande Champagne 700 ml %
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Tasting notes

The colour is golden - on the nose: An idea of vanilla, and on the palate a rather strong mix of creamy, wooden,almond an some aromas of dark fruits with a great final that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. A solid and round finish.

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