Courvoiser Premier Fine Champagne Cognac

by Courvoisier Cognac

Premier! Courvoisier Premier is a blend of Grande and Petite Champagne, so it's a Fine Champagne Cognac. assemblage unique de Grande et de Petite Champagne. The cognac comes in a 70cl bottle, and is priced at 70€. With that price the cognac is positioned between a Premium VSOP (up to 50€) and a Napoleon or XO. The name "Premier de Courvoiser Fine Champagne " is a reference to the first two, the best growth areas (crus) of the cognac region. You can buy this Courvoisier bottle online at a price of $91.

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
Special Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne 700 ml 40%
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Tasting notes

The tasting note and Courvoisier Premier review: "The taste is strong and balanced, delicate aromas with some grilled walnut, warm pastry and orange."

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Reply : On Courvoiser Premier Fine Champagne Cognac by Mike
Hey! I have never seen Courvoisier premier before.. where can I buy this? Is this also only available in Asia etc., or can I purchase it in the u.s.?

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