About Cognac-Expert.com

Cognac-Expert.com is an independent website dedicated to Cognac. And when we say dedicated, we mean it.

This website is run by our family living in the Cognac region (Fins Bois/Bons Bois growth area), continually delivering news and articles about Cognac and Charente culture. And it’s popular with both enthusiasts, as well as with those who’re not yet overly familiar with the spirit.


Harvest on our farm


From our point of view, Cognac was and is an agricultural product. Our family, now in its 4th generation in the region, used to cultivate its own Cognac vineyard some decades ago (see image above: a harvest moment). Today we’re still involved in agriculture, but gave up the vineyard in the 90's. So now you’ll mainly find corn and sunflowers on our fields. But the Cognac culture remains extremely important for our family.


Harvest on our farm

Our farm in the Cognac region (photography from 1990's)  

 Modern harvest 

Harvesting Ugni Blanc grapes with machine (photography from 1980's)

 Harvest helpers in the 60's

Harvest helpers in the courtyard of our farm (photography from 1960's)

Sophie and Max (brother and sister), came up with the idea of an international platform for Cognac. And it worked. We deliver information relevant for both the industry and individuals. Along with the continually updated news and articles, we’ve created an extensive list of Cognac brands and products - and there’s much more to come, so stay tuned!

Sophie & Max