Courvoisier Rosé Liqueur Cognac

by Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier Rosé is Cognac Blended with Red Wine Grapes. It's at an ABV of 18%, not at 40% like pure Cognac. So basically Courvisier Rosé is a liqueur. Clearly this liquor is positioned as a female drink. In September 2011 Courvoisier launched a complementary product called Courvoisier Gold

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
Liqueur Blend 700 ml 18%
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Reply : On Courvoisier Rosé Liqueur Cognac by Stephen
Not a chick, but love this liqueur. On the rocks is fantastic, but just as good at room/hand temperature like a traditional cognac. Strong aftertaste of the red grapes, which I love.
Reply : On Courvoisier Rosé Liqueur Cognac by Hana's
Personally I would not recommend, I think it taste bad to sweet. It has a very cheap taste to it, it taste like cognac and wine mixed together which isnt a great mix.
Reply : On Courvoisier Rosé Liqueur Cognac by Delores
I love this Cognac. My neice recommended it to me The only problem I have is the bottle goes to fast. They need to make larger bottles. I' ve recommended this Cognac to all my friends and they love it male and female. I have a male friend that didn't really drink, but he tries to drink my entire bottle.
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