Hennessy Extra Private Reserve Cognac

by Hennessy Cognac

The Hennessy Réserve Privée or Private Reserve is a reference to the first label Hennessy introduced to the market in 1865.

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
Extra Grande Champagne 700 ml %
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Tasting notes

On the nose we discover a rather full combination of aromas, floral, green citrus - followed by sweet vanilla and some nuts, almonds. Now lets discover the palate: A relatively rough start, then it gets more gentle and evolves into a long final with pleasant spices and lemon. Thats a good cognac...

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Reply : On Hennessy Extra Private Reserve Cognac by tom
John Wall, please open the bottle and enjoy the good.
no need to keep it as a collectorsitem.

this is meant to be dronken!!!

i drin a bottle of 2-3 XO a month
Reply : On Hennessy Extra Private Reserve Cognac by Cangoc
I have several bottles of 1865 private reserves. How much is it worth today?
Reply : On Hennessy Extra Private Reserve Cognac by Michael
How much does a bottle of VSOP reserve Hennessy 1765, fetch? I want to buy one for my uncle?
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