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Founded by Alexandre Bisquit in 1819, the house of Bisquit, with its home at the Château de Lignères by the banks of the Charente River, had a long-standing family tradition until the house was sold to Pernod Ricard in 1966. Said to have been among the favorite cognacs of Winston Churchill and King George IV, it is popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries and hence was bought by the South African group Distell in 2009.      

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Reply : On Bisquit by Stephan
I LOVED the old Bisquit VSOP, in the "rhombic" bottle. However, I can't stand the re-launched version and I'm looking for a more tasteful replacement. Any advice what comes close to good old Bisquit VSOP? Thanks!
Reply : On Bisquit by Jason
I have a bottle of bisquit vs vintage willing to sell believe from late 60 early 70s best offer email me
Reply : On Bisquit by Dmitri
B.D. Extra Vieille, decent Cognac but really not in a same category with the best Tres Vieille or Venerable or whatever else they call those 30+ y.o. drinks.
Nose is very generic, color made to look super dark. Taste very smooth and satisfying, but there is no true depth or layers of taste ,no surprises , just 2-3 basic notes. I purchased it for next to nothing at the auction ,so not an issue for me. But if presented with a price of several hundred dollars I would've definitely passed on it.
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History of Bisquit

The heritage of Bisquit dates back to 1819, when Alexandre Bisquit founded the cognac house in the town of Jarnac, in the heart of the cognac region. His family had been active in distillation for generations, selling bottles since as far back as 1750, but had never taken the step of becoming independent with their own brand. With its 205 hectares of vineyards, it used to be one of the biggest vineyards in the Charente area, together with 64 alambics (pot stills) and cellars.


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Bisquit Today

In 2009, Bisquit was bought by the South African group Distell from the former owner Pernod Ricard. In fact, when contacting Bisquit, we got through to the company head quarters in South Africa. Distell acquired a Chateau in the town center of Cognac to nest the brand and a complete site and cellars to shelter the cognacs. 

In 2010, the Cognac house launched its products in South Africa.


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Visiting Cognac Bisquit

Visiting Bisquit is difficult - it seems to be hardly possible.